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What began as a merger between an established medical college and an entrepreneurial professional institute less than 40 years ago has become Virginia’s largest major research university and a leading economic engine for the Richmond area. By popular demand, time-honored traditions continue while new ones begin, including the creation of the official class ring.

While each ring includes the VCU name and the 1838 founding date, a selection of four distinct symbols are available to ensure that your ring celebrates your personal VCU accomplishments.

The compass has become synonymous with the heart of the university. An icon from the Monroe Park Campus is the multi-tiered iron fountain in the center of Monroe Park. From the MCV Campus, the Egyptian Building has become the most visible landmark and symbol of the university’s earliest history. Finally, the VCU Ram symbol commemorates the university’s school spirit and athletic accomplishments. Inside the ring, the neighboring James River is depicted, along with two stars signifying VCU’s two Richmond campuses.

You have earned the privilege of wearing this symbol of your achievements at VCU, reflecting your pride while acknowledging a strong and continued relationship with the university. The annual Ring Ceremony will be an opportunity for you to celebrate this symbolic bond.

Photo of VCU Rings

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